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Published by Revolt Production Music in association with SyncStories and SPM Music Group. For licensing inquiries, please contact - (213) 265-7223

Amplitude is a sparse, ambient and ethereal orchestral album, with dreamy textures, emotive choir, subtle cinematic underscores, and mesmerizing themes. Emotive and atmospheric, this album perfectly complements any scene needing that unique blend of awe-inspiring, hopeful, and beautiful mood. Cinematic, Beautiful, Emotional, and Hopeful.

Phantasmagoric is a bizarre, eccentric and quirky orchestral album with fun motifs, lively cinematic string arrangements, riveting horn and brass themes and dramatic, giddy and melancholy moods. Weird and eerie undertones, spooky soundscapes and lurking disharmony as from a surreal dark fairytale. Eccentric, Bizarre, Fun, and Riveting.

The Crossing is a dark, sparse and tense thriller album, with ambient textures, edgy intense piano themes and emotional, evocative and sustaining pads. Somber and eerie underscore feel with sinister and melodic tension. Dramatic, Dark, Ambient and Ominous.

Oniric is a dramatic and immersive orchestral album with beautiful ethereal themes, subtle cinematic string arrangements, and intriguing sparse openings

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