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No Terror In The Bang - est un groupe alternatif à chant féminin, multifacette. A l’image d’une araignée, il tente de tisser une dentelle à la fois fragile et rude, à l’issue violente. Du cinematic metal ? On peut résumer le concept du groupe comme une dualité : une rencontre entre du Rock- Metal alternatif et des orchestrations cinématographiques.

Résumons sa musique comme un oxymore, une dualité claire obscure, une douce violence… Il a été fondé par Alexis Damien (Compo, batterie, orchestrations) & Sofia Bortoluzzi (Chant, compo, textes), à Rouen, en mars 2019. Le groupe devient complet en été 2019 avec : Brice Bouchard (Basse, contrebasse), Romain Greffe (Claviers), Clément Bernard (Guitare), Etienne Cochin (Guitare).

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” (Alfred Hitchcock)

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Pin-Up Went Down is a French experimental band. Although their music is mostly referred to as avant-garde metal, they describe themselves as "an experimental band blending art rockmetalavant-garde, and pop. Pin-Up Went Down was formed as a one-man project by Alexis Damien in Rouen in 2006, who then added more members.

Hybrid artistic project, alternative, between Art-Rock, Pop, Classic and Metal. The band is perceived as playing crazy music, risky and multi-faceted, sometimes compared to that of Mr. Bungle or Pain of Salvation. The band has released 2 albums (+ 1 EP) on the English label Ascendance records, distributed by Plastic Head internationally, and garnered very positive reviews from the press and the public.






Void Paradigm is a conceptual group using black-metal codes [Gorgoroth, Mahyem, Dimmu Borgir ...] and some aspects of contemporary serial and dodecaphonic music [Schönberg, Stockhausen]. The band has released two albums on two specialized labels (Apathia Records). On the latter are two musicians from Normandy's opera.

Rec, Mix, Master : Alexis Damien | Compos : Julien Payan & Void paradigm.