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The band plays a repertoire of creations in a style oscillating between Progressive Rock, Jazz-fusion and Zeuhl, under the influence of Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Coltrane, Tony Williams Lifetime through Jamiroquai, Pastorius, King Crimson , Yes or Magma ... It borrows traditional sounds with the use of a didgeridoo.


The group offers an energetic music alternating Progressive and Fusion. It takes all its dimension live with chiseled improvisations and powerful rhythms. Subtle, luminous, colorful and evocative, it draws its influences from Jazz-rock and 70's Progressive Rock [John Scofield, Billy Cobham, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull] and the power of today's grooves [ Dream Theater, Steve Vai ...]




Composed of Alexis Damien (composition, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards & production); Asphodel (singing, lyrics); Nicolas Damien (piano).

Hybrid artistic project, alternative, between Art-Rock, Pop, Classic and Metal. The band is perceived as playing crazy music, risky and multi-faceted, sometimes compared to that of Mr. Bungle or Pain of Salvation. The band has released 2 albums (+ 1 EP) on the English label Ascendance records, distributed by Plastic
Head internationally, and garnered very positive reviews from the press and the public.

Void Paradigm is a conceptual group using black-metal codes [Gorgoroth, Mahyem, Dimmu Borgir ...] and some aspects
of contemporary serial and dodecaphonic music [Schönberg, Stockhausen]. The band has released two albums on two specialized labels (Apathia Records). On the latter are two musicians from Normandy's opera.


French avant-garde metal band that mixes death, black and grind to all the most distant musical genres:
Jazz, zouk, disco ... The band has released 4 albums including the international label Elitist / Earache. The group consisting of Arno Strobl (vocals) and Axel Wursthorn (instruments) decided to go on stage throughout 2006 in France
(Hellfest, VS-Fest ...), as well as in Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic (first part of Sick Of It All and Dimmu Borgir during the Brutal Assault Festival).


Group of Rock-Metal Cabaret having released several albums on Aural Music and Apathia records. His music is considered dark and tormented. Thanks to orchestrations and choruses, the group has managed to offer cinematic atmospheres. He has performed in France, Holland and Belgium.


Manhattan-DIY is a strange duo from Rouen that mixes without complex math-rock, 8-bit sonorities specific to the Gameboy, experimental noise and screamo / post-hardcore hints. The band released "∞ - 15 = ∞", their first album, in February 2013 and has performed several times in concert. After a few years of stopping, he plans a new
album for 2018.


No Terror In The Bang – is a french band from Rouen, born in 2019. It was founded by Alexis Damien & Sofia Bortoluzzi. The duo has decided to create a Rock-Metal band influenced by film music. Sofia’s influences are between hip-hop, metal & jazz. 

The music of the band is strong, dynamic, melodic and effective. The duo is joined by Brice Bouchard on bass and double bass to release the first single "Saule Pleureur" in October 2019. Two guitarists will be announced in autumn 2019 with a second single. First album in 2020.

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